Allied Scoring Tables, Inc. - News January 2013

2013 Message to our Customers

We believe that athletics is a very important aspect of education. We encourage all students to be involved in some way with an athletic team. Many valuable life lessons are learned through participation in athletics.

On behalf of Allied Scoring Tables, Inc. we would like to congratulate the whole team. The significant contribution involved in supporting young athletes. The Athletic Directors, Coaches, Support Staff, Teachers, Student Body, Parents, Community and sponsors for their contribution towards this year's successes. Through your efforts motivating our youth to stay on track and on target to meet their goals. Without your willingness to step up and, despite some push back, persistence in keeping the team on track, they could certainly have strayed off course.

We are aware that there are days you all have spent hours working overtime just to get that team edge. You were unfailingly cheerful, upbeat, and positive even when the team struggled. Yet, you persisted, you worked hard on the right things and all grew to become more than when you began. We are in awe of all that you accomplish. We appreciate the leadership role that you assume when the team struggles with direction and resources.

It is all because of the dedication, efforts, drive, and hard work you and your team competed sucessfully. We congratulate you on your achievement and sincerely acknowledge the hard work you and your teams have shown over the years.

It has been our priority to contribute to the growth and well being of sports leagues and teams.

Thank you for supporting our athletes!

Marion County Eagles

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