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Our Freestanding Scoring Tables We offer 5 foot, 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot and the availability of selecting interlocking multiple sizes to suit your specific needs.

Our 5 foot scoring table seats two people comfortably. The 8 foot table length (including padding) is 100" (seats 4), the 10 foot table length (including padding) is 124" (seats 5), the 12 foot table length (including padding) is 148" (seats 6).

Counter top height is 29" and scoring table depth (set up) is 31" and when the table is collapsed it is 16". If you choose the option of a possession unit, the added height of the complete set up is 35".

Each table has a 3" vinyl padded frame in your choice of school color, non marking wheels with all back side locking, and illuminated designer panels.

Our tables have been purchased by everyone from grade schools to major universities. Each of our tables is handcrafted with care and attention to detail. There is no such thing as "off the shelf" at Allied Scoring Tables, Inc. The art panels are second to none in quality and clarity with no limitation to the number of colors that can be used. True photo quality. The art can be shown across a single panel or placed on two panels.

Over the years we have discovered that a scoring table is one of the premier methods of showing school spirit and fund raising.

Cayuga Community College - Connecting Freestanding Scoring Table with Double Bonus Possesion Unit

Cayuga Community College

Two 12' Freestanding Double Panel Score table connected to the center 12' Freestanding Single Panel Score Table

Be sure to check out our gallery page. There you will find pictures of Freestanding basketball score tables, Bleacher scoring tables and digital LED media tables. You can also check out some of our customer's websites and Youtube® videos of the tables in action.

Freestanding Scoring Tables Specifications:

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Georgia Highlands College

Georgia Highlands College

Two 12' Freestanding Double Panel Score Tables - Connected