Allied Scoring Tables - 10' Bleacher Scoring Table

Allied Scoring Tables, Inc. builds an 10' Bleacher scorer's table that seats five people comfortably. The 10' Bleacher scoring table is available with a single panel or double panel for the same price.

The 10' scoring table includes a beautiful powder coated finished cabinetry that is dado joinery and reinforced with zinc plated material steel brackets, grommet feeds to a six outlet power strip mounted under the counter top on the back of the cabinet, custom non-marking castor wheels (both locking and non-locking), choice of stock color vinyl for the padding, and a back lit illuminated full color state of the art panel.

Your Bleacher scorer's table has a few options. Options that are available Possession Arrows only, Possession Arrows with Double Bonus and Protective Cover.

Your score table will be shipped on a pallet with boxing materials which will require a lift gate or dock to offload it from the freight truck. Once it is out of its pallet the score table rolls easily on its own wheels for ease of set up and return to storage.

The ten foot scoring table is a plug and play unit and in its storage position is 16" wide. Minimum sideline space required for the table, person space, chair and scoot room for getting in and out of the chair is five feet. The eight foot scoring table also can be configured to connect to 5', 8', 10', and 12' Bleacher Scoring tables.

10' Bleacher Single Panel Scoring Tables

 Stanley High School - 10' Bleacher scoring table

Stanley High School

Marion Local 10' Bleacher Scoring Table

Marion Local Flyers

10' Bleacher Double Panel Scoring Tables

Mayfield High School - Bleacher Scoring Table

Mayfield High School

Vidalia High School - 10' Bleacher scoring table

Vidalia High School

Bridgeport High School - 10' Bleacher scoring table

Bridgeport High School

Fergus High School - 10' Bleacher Scoring Table

Fergus High School

Pierce High School - 10' Bleacher scoring table

Pierce High School

Mike Dutton 10' Bleacher Scoring Table

Mike Dutton
West Stanly Middle School - 10' Bleacher Scoring Table

West Stanly

Obtaining A Quote.

If you would like to obtain a quote for basketball score table and chairs, when you click on the Quote tab, you will be able to select the options that best suit your needs. We will strive to provide you with a competitive bid based on your specifications. If you have additional requirements or custom options that are not listed; please contact us with your questions, email us at Sales.