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Allied Scoring Tables, Inc. entered business in 2006. Our goal was to create a high quality, innovative yet affordable product. This concept has not changed over the years. With a small staff of highly skilled and innovative individuals, we take pride in bringing our customer’s the highest quality products within today’s budget considerations.

Our scoring tables have been purchased by everyone from grade schools to major universities across the USA and Canada. Each of our scoring tables is handcrafted with care and attention to detail. The art panels are second to none in quality and clarity with no limitation to the number of colors that can be used. True photo quality. The art can be shown across a single panel or placed on two panels. Over the years we have discovered that a scoring table is one of the premier methods of showing school spirit and fund raising.

Visit our scorer’s tables:

Milwaukee Buck’s training facility is now complete with a new custom built score table to meet the needs of the Bucks during the rigors of training.

At the historic Palestra, the most storied gymnasium in the history of collegiate athletics located at the University of Pennsylvania will begin their season with 50′ of new score tables. The Palestra has hosted more games and more visiting teams than any other facility.

The Kentucky State University Thoroughbred’s have upgraded their score tables to include 2 – 10′ Freestanding Scoring Tables and 1 – 12′ Freestanding Scoring Table.

Peninsula College’s Pirates will kick off the season with 2 – 8′ Freestanding scoring table – double panel and 1 – 8′ Freestanding scoring table – single panel.

Rancho Mirage High School has completed a new multimillion dollar school with innovative athletic facilities. The new facility will house the 30′ feet of scoring tables along with the 3400 3″ padded Clarin logo seating by Hussey.

Berea College’s Seabury Center Arena will launch this year’s season with 28′ of score tables. A composite of 1 – 12′ Freestanding single panel score table with 2 – 8′ Freestanding double panel scoring tables connected on each end.

Concordia College New York received their new score tables in time to kick-off their annual Jimmy Sayegh Cancer fund raiser. All the proceeds will be donated to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Jimmy’s name.

Durham College – Canada added 2 new scoring tables to their new 100,000 sq ft facility.

Be sure to check out our Gallery pages. There you will find pictures of Freestanding Score Tables, Bleacher Scoring Tables, Digital LED Scorer Tables, and Athletic Chairs. You can also check out some of our customer’s websites and customer’s YouTube┬« videos of the scoring tables in action.

Santa Margarita Catholic High School

Santa Margarita Catholic High School – Photo by: John Byszewski, Athletics Manager

Naples High School

Naples High School – Photo by: Ernie Modugno, Athletic Director

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