Digital LED

Allied Scoring Tables, Inc. are state of the art.

To create our digital LED scoring tables, Allied Scoring Tables, Inc. utilizes stellar digital LED systems to produce our 5mm pitch scoring tables. Available in an 8′ (panel size is 2560mm x 800mm), 10′ (panel size is 2880mm x 800 mm), and 12′ (panel size is 3520mm x 800 mm) length and connecting systems for longer seamless scoring table configurations.

Allied Scoring Tables, Inc. digital LED scorer’s table provides you with the ability to bundle your LED scorer’s table with the newest technology, meaning brighter colors, sharper images, more stimulating special effects, radically improving the game experience from every seat in the house.

Our digital scorer’s table comes complete with custom built computer, monitor, key board, mouse, animation graphics package, and other accessoriers. Capable of live video streaming, integration with additional HD, LCD, and LED locations, remote tech support and more. Our LED digital score table displays a crystal clear video display. Additional upgrade and graphic animation packages, and custom animations are also available.

Southern Illinos University

Southern Illinois University – Saluki’s

Allied Scoring Tables, Inc. – Digital LED.
Video displayed on the Allied Scoring Tables, Inc.’s digital LED

Windsor Express

Windsor Express Professional Basketball – Two 8′ Freestanding LED score tables connected

10' LED Scoring Table

10′ LED Digital Score Table

Notre Dame Cathedral Scoring Tables

8′ Freestanding LED digital score table connected to 2 – 8′ Freestanding back lit illuminated static score tables.

We build a compatible static score table to connect to your digital score table. The back lit static scorer’s table is available in 6′, 8′, 10′ and 12′. The compatible backlit scores tables easily connect to your LED digital scoring table or can be utilized as a stand alone scoring table.

Be sure to check out our Main Gallery pages. There you will find additional pictures of Bleacher scoring tables, Freestanding basketball score tables and Logo Seating Products. You can also check out some of our customer’s websites and YouTube® videos of the tables in action.